Hi! Welcome on my page with greeting cards! Here you can find all sorts of greeting cards i have made.

Real mail has become quaint, almost vintage. In an age of torrential e-mail and Facebook birthday posts. But that doesn’t mean its days are over. Writing by hand feels good! It is such a delight to write something by hand on a lovely card – to pick out a stamp, to slow down and realize you thanked or consoled somebody in the best way possible.

Below you can see some of my mini cards. You can give them (with your handwriting on the back) ) together with a little bunch of flowers or on a present (However: Just one flower does it all). And…they are looking great on a gift. If you want something different…that’s possible! I am happy to make custom cards for your shop or party. Just send me a mail or take a look in my shop. If you want to sell my cards in your own shop, please contact me. I love to colloberate.

Here are my other greeting cards on A6 . I love to draw greeting cards. If you are interested in my illustrations for the greeting card industry, shop or just you (!) to send a card to someone, please contact me or take a look in my shop.

Below: Christmas Greetings. A6. Do you like them? Take a look in my shop!

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