About Mats Bootcamp

Make Art That Sells (MATS) is a world famous art agency which represents lots of illustrators and artists. Assignment Bootcamp (with Lilla Rogers) is a structured five month program of monthly assignments. It’s a exciting online experience to help and create professional level art in a supportive, nurturing environment, and a relaxed place over an period of time.

Februari. In the first Mini Assignment of Assignment Bootcamp 2019, the students were given a flower, a medium to use, and a colour palette to play with. This assignment was (as ever) broken into parts in order to make it more fun and more motivating. Playtime.

The big Assignment: Make a journal. I made a secret diary, with Lily’s of the Valley.

March. In this month’s Bootcamp assignment, students were asked to create kooky pairs of things for the mini assignment. Below i show you my mini’s. It was fun.

The big assignment: Make pepper and salt shakers from your pairs. I designed two brothers. One tall, one little. From the Breakfast Brothers Brasserie.

The mini: Put some texture in your pieces. Try to paint with acrylic mediums. Draw Japanese tea bowls. I went to a Japanese store to take photo’s of these bowls. (In the middle some bowls i made myself)

April. We had to illustrate a spread for an article in a magazine, written by Beth Kempton. This was all about Wabi Sabi. I made a lot of sketches and had to choose. Lilla says: “It’s wonderful how varied the treatments were. Some artists created scenes, some scenes were close ups of the tea cups on weathered surfaces, depicting the passage of time. Many students included a quote from the article which they hand-lettered. This month, students were asked to create an editorial assignment inspired by the book ‘Wabi Sabi: Japanese wisdom for a perfectly imperfect life’ by MATS co-founder Beth Kempton.

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